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Part time student, full time worker, and a mother of one. Looking forward to graduating in 2013 and gracefully move toward my next career move in life. I enjoy living life, not existing in it! Change is inevitable; it is life, embrace it, or be left behind!

Transliteracy, Horizon, Google – Sonya

Brad Czerniak – On Transliteracy Brad gave an overview of his opinion and common interest and definition of what he expressed his thought of the definition of Transliteracy. As the argument involved him Sue Thomas and her research group Brad … Continue reading

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1 The two videos that were viewed as being informative and bringing awareness to the internet and how in what I feel is being controlled by the government or those that feel the need to get involved with wants going … Continue reading

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An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube “Wesch”-Sonya

1-A brief overview of the three videos that we were instructed to watch were very informative.   The videos displayed details of what I now know as “Vblogs” term meaning Video Blogs.  The first and second YouTube video offered by Michael … Continue reading

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Blogs & Social Media-Public Relations-Sonya McCray

This article discussed how blogs and social media are changing in the arena of public relations. The authors discussed a three-year long international survey of public relations exploring the impact of blogs and other social media and how its having an effect on public relations. … Continue reading

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Gimp – Sonya

This software was different from that of Inkscape the instructions were a little more detailed.  However, I do not believe I have the full version.  I was missing some of the tools that were being used in the vide.  Could have … Continue reading

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I would really like to understand this software indepth.  However, the instructions were not clear.  I found myself stopping and starting the video to understand the instructions.  I did the best that I could, however wasted too much time understanding.  … Continue reading

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Project 1

My story will be about one of the major leadership role I play when traveling for work.  How will talk about my work duties and well and give some history about the City visit for 10 days.  Not all work I … Continue reading

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