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Graduate Student @ Rider University.

Boden – Sopa & Searching Google

1. Clay Shirky’s presentation reviews the major media companies on the 20th century and their attempts to pressure Washington to pass legislation to prohibit user generate content and sharing amounts users.  He points out that Sopa and Pipa are not … Continue reading

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Boden – Blog & Social Media

1. This weeks reading was about a research project that focused on the changes in blogging and social media in 2007.  The survey conducted was focused on participants perception of the ethics of blogging in companies, and if employees should … Continue reading

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I think the video tutorials on how to use these programs were great.  I didn’t have any problems following the instructions.  I feel more confident in using both of these programs now and after doing this assignment I began really … Continue reading

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Boden – Project

Hello Class, I am going to do my presentation on comics books, mainly DC Comics.  I’ll review some of the history of the medium and attempt to show how the medium is shifting towards print and digital comics.

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ABoden Inkscape

images.jpeg.2012_02_14_13_12_01.0 My Media:

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ABoden: Assignment 1

In The Humanism of Media Ecology,  Neil Postman addresses the progression of the field of Media Ecology and major questions that concern the field.  He stresses the need for scholars to look at human interaction with technology and the ethical … Continue reading

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