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Transliteracy/Horizon/Google Blog- Cara

1. The first article on transliteracy basically defines what the author believes to be a correct definition of the term. The author “re-re-defines” transliteracy as, “Transliteracy is the ability to encode and decode information between or across languages.” The second … Continue reading

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SOPA and Search- Cara

1. The first video was discussing the negative effects of SOPA and PIPA and how even though similar acts have not been passed before, the likelihood of similar acts being brought up in the future is high and media companies … Continue reading

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Wesch Anthropology/Kony- Cara

1.  Wesch’s presentation was on Digital Ethnography in which Wesch and his students take an anthropological view on the purpose and effects of YouTube.  Basically, Wesch’s argument is that YouTube is changing the definition of so many aspects of our … Continue reading

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Blog #3- Blogs and Social Media-Cara

1.  The readings discussed the uses and viewpoints of businesses that use blogs and social media as an communication tool for their business.  It discusses businesses that encourage their employees to blog, as well as business who don’t.  The study … Continue reading

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Inkscape and Gimp- Cara

This marks the first time using Inkscape that I wasn’t tempted to throw my computer through the window, so that is definite progress. I found GIMP really easy to follow and easy to use especially since I have never used … Continue reading

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Cara Giovinazzo Assignment 1

I am doing my assignment on digital comm in student affairs and focusing on a variety of communication tools, mostly social media and emails/texting/messaging, and how it affects freshmen students specifically at the start of their college experience.

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Cara Giovinazzo Inkscape/Audacity/Sound Cloud attempt

I like ballet, so I went with that. Also, the music clip was a big deal for me because I learned how to convert an mp3 to a .wav. Boom. This is the original picture and what I did with … Continue reading

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