Gimp – Sonya

This software was different from that of Inkscape the instructions were a little more detailed.  However, I do not believe I have the full version.  I was missing some of the tools that were being used in the vide.  Could have been user error??? I did manage to try out some things and I did do the back and fore ground colors and tried to do some layering an borders but I could not find the tools that were being used in the video.  I would like to know more about layering and borders, maybe this is something that can be explained in class.  One thing I did learn about this software and looking at the post is that everyone’s examples are different.  That’s the nice thing about technology there is always a different result. 



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Part time student, full time worker, and a mother of one. Looking forward to graduating in 2013 and gracefully move toward my next career move in life. I enjoy living life, not existing in it! Change is inevitable; it is life, embrace it, or be left behind!
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