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Assignment 2 due this coming week.

Good hunting in searching for and implementing your materials for your project. You should have it ready for presenting next Thursday. Here’s a list of 10 things to remember: 1. Edit the video to around 3 minutes. Show it to people (not … Continue reading

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How Blogs and Social Media are Changing Public Relations and the Way it is Practiced

Here is the presentation I gave last week on Personal Branding. Consider your personal and organizational brand in your posts with these concepts in mind. We really appreciated your effort on the recent project and your willingness to persist in … Continue reading

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Having trouble right clicking on Mac OS in the GIMP?

Try using this two-finger click on a trackpad to bypass limitations on using the ctrl button in the GIMP.

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Saving and Exporting from Inkscape explained

I’ve heard some people saying that they’re not sure how to upload to WordPress from Inkscape — you need to export as a PNG first.

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Assignment: Resources for Using Inkscape and GIMP

Watch and then execute the following tutorials, and post the results in your posts as 2 PNGs, one from Inkscape, and one from GIMP. Below the images, type something new that you discovered about each of these tools in the … Continue reading

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An Inkscape starting point

For those of you who are interested in a more structured introduction to Inkscape, please check out  

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Using SoundCloud to upload and link audio from WordPress.

Wav sample on SoundCloud So it turns out that you can’t upload audio directly to WordPress without an additional fee/upgrade. You can, however, sign up for the free SoundCloud service in order to upload audio and then use the link … Continue reading

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