1 The two videos that were viewed as being informative and bringing awareness to the internet and how in what I feel is being controlled by the government or those that feel the need to get involved with wants going on in the World Wide Web.  Clay Shirky video spoke about two different organizations SOPA and PIPA and gave some background on what some people including myself did not know about these two organizations and what’s on their agendas. The GOOGLE video was very informative as well it brought a better understanding and ideas to be creative the quest for searching or researching.

Because I was still interested and intrigued by this video I had to “search” the website to find a little more information about these terms and what these departments were up to. I glanced through this article and I found it very interesting and you might as well.

2-3 Clay Shirky assertively gave his point of view on what he felt was not a good idea as he spoke about cassette taping and how that was not illegal to copy and make mixed tapes creative right.  But to sell them that’s when it became illegal.  Copying stock photos to be creative, to share is it illegal? Clay displayed his views by presenting this video of awareness and to alert people that again we have control as well to stop some of the things that are being “policed” by SOPA and PIPCA. What’s the real deal behind the organization? The second video is in correlation to the message that Clay was trying to get across.  When searching using some of the popular search engines  SOPA and PIPCA want to police these types of sites and basically monitor what’s being requested or searched. 

The second video GOOGLE search, something that I just thought of as finding something when I need to do some research, but Russell “beg the differ” in so many ways.  He stated that “Searching is a Skill” I heard of Multitasking being a skill but searching?  Yes, as claimed by Daniel Russell as he exclaimed in his informative video.  Searching deeper into what you are really looking for open so many doors to different links, sites, and information. But it’s what SOPA and PIPA is trying to police or control, our ability to search, explore, and be creative via internet.  As Clay stated the Internet is not broken. As the saying goes if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

4/5 One of the challenging concepts for me was understanding what exactly are these two organizations are trying gain.  If people what to be creative, share, and explore, why should it be monitored, or policed.  This takes me back to the “Frankenstein Myth” why create something using a different formality to be different but not being able to control it.  I agree however, something’s should be policed like things that are inappropriate, offensive or things take are breaking the law as a crime.  People use the internet, to share, explore and be creative that’s like tell people they have to go back to the basics then what’s should the www. Stand for?  If the world is going to have restrictions.

6 Questions for discussion:

Is SOPA and PIPA serious about policing the network and different search engines?

Is it really legal, to violate people’s rights to be creative?

I can definitely see how these videos can be a very in depth topic to discuss.  Clay only touch the surface there is so much more information out there that people don’t know about, search the web I am sure of it.


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  1. pascuccic says:

    I liked the article about SOPA/PIPA you put in your post; it was really helpful in better understanding the two bills that had been within the Legislature and their potential effects.

  2. sonya2mccray says:

    Sorry Christina! Glad you enjoyed it.

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