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I am a Child of the Most High God, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend & Breast Cancer Survivor! ...I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. ---Psalms 139:14

Transliteracy, Horizon & Google–Tracy Durham

1. In the first reading Brad Czerniak begins by recanting his previous statements regarding transliteracy. He apologizes for referring to it as a “…made up term for the same old stuff.”  He states that he had this opinion because his … Continue reading

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1.  The first video for this week is that of Clark Shirky who explains the meaning of SOPA & PIPA and how they were created to put checks and balances on the way information is shared.  The second video is … Continue reading

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Wesch on Digital Ethnography, Considering Kony 2012-Tracy Durham

IMAGE CREATED IN INKSCAPE 1. Michael’s Wesch‘s presentation on digital ethnography was very interesting.  It highlighted the power in which digital media, specifically Youtube, has on today’s society. This form of communication has become somewhat of a phenomenon.  Since the … Continue reading

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Tracy Durham–Blog #3–Blogs and Social Media

This is the phrase which comes to mind when I think of getting the word out about the latest news.  Extra! Extra! Read All About It!! Read…in the newspaper I presume…ancient history….ancient history! All that’s changed now…especially in this new … Continue reading

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Tracy Durham–Inkscape and Gimp Samples

Here is my Inkscape Chrome sample.  I am not sure why the colors on mine are different than the ones on the tutorial.  I followed all directions although I notices that when I was changing the gradients they did not … Continue reading

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Tracy Durham–Assignment #1 Topic

As some of you know from being in previous classes with me, I am a stay at home mom, domestic engineer, Chief Operating Officer of Durham Household Inc. 🙂 Although my children are up to date with social media and … Continue reading

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Inkscape and Sound Cloud Sample

Here goes nothing everybody…My attempt at Inkscape and Sound Cloud……introducing …..MY DIVA IN TRAINING!! Original photo Here’s the Diva!! (I hope the changes work) inclassaudacity-sample

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