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This article discussed how blogs and social media are changing in the arena of public relations. The authors discussed a three-year long international survey of public relations exploring the impact of blogs and other social media and how its having an effect on public relations. The finding of this survey was remarkable, they found that blogs and social media have changed the way organizations communicate.   

2-3 I found some points that displayed highlights of the reading.  One identified how blogging is being used in organizations and companies.  It’s stated that companies are encouraging their employees to blog.  Dave Winer (2005) displayed leadership as he is one of the first and currently the longest-running blog on the internet. In summary of what was identified, I found interesting in this article that I did not know, the term “blogs” is an abbreviation of “weblogs” Edelman and Intellissek (2005).  There were a number of things that were profound in this article. Stated by Dave Winer (2005)  he gave his view about  blogs  he says “the phenomenon of blogging “is nothing less than revolutionary.”   Another interesting point made about blogging stated by Michelle Conlin and Andrew Park (2004) pg5 points out that many corporate executives encourage employees to blog so they can create personal relations with other employees and customers.  I also found interesting that the results of the survey exclaimed that there was agreement that respondents thought social media (including blogs) compliment mainstream traditional media or are in conflict with them.  According to the results they believe they complement each other.

As we move into this new age of technology of social media and how people are adapting to the ways of how would you say “word of mouth” but in this case as the article stated “word of the mouse”  I would like to say what “word of the blog”  What is difficult is what and where to blog.  I’ve seen several sites where people blog in a negative manner just getting things off their chest and I guess that is rewarding for some but what I found that was very interesting was the link I attached shows how other people are use all types of social media to communicate with others family, friends, co-workers, and how public relations is being displayed as building relationships.

My questions for this article would be:  Is blogging the new word for “feedback”?

Could blogging be a new way to publish short story articles?

I could see how this article of blogs & social media could apply to an upcoming presentation.  I would like to research a little more about blogging and what it really is all about.  This would be a great for a discussion and research.  I would definetly like to see what Dave Winer’s weblogs are all about. 

If did find a video to explain some of the unknowns about blogs and blogging is all about.  Maybe others will find this interesting as well.


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  1. johne3569 says:

    Great post Sonya! I agree, blogs and Social Media have become a mainstay in the PR industry.

  2. sonya2mccray says:

    Thank you Professor!

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