An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube “Wesch”-Sonya

1-A brief overview of the three videos that we were instructed to watch were very informative.   The videos displayed details of what I now know as “Vblogs” term meaning Video Blogs.  The first and second YouTube video offered by Michael Wesch titled “An Anthropological introduction to YouTube.  The videos depicted the starting point of what is the norm for people to express their feelings, emotions, and identity in VBlogging vs Blogging and connecting with the outside world.  The second video was kind of a wrap up to the first a recap of what people are subjected to share with the world and comfortable in their skin when they VBlog.  The third Video was a different in a sense, as the other two videos express and individual the Kony 2012 express a world situation that some were not aware of.  I viewed the third video as an awareness video for people to take action, to be informed, to be concerned, and to take notice of a message where children and adults did not have a voice, or video to get a message across to the world.  Michael Wesch has done an astounding job with getting connecting to the world. 

2-3-In relating to the key ideas that were profound to me in regard to the way Wesch used his leadership skills to promote such a powerful display of information concerning the issues in Uganda (Kony 2012).  He took his technical knowledge, skills and ambition to move into something that was unknown, found that unknown through vblogging to connect with the outside world he provided them with a message to others making others aware.  Some key words that he exclaimed in his videos that really gave me a better understanding of why people connect with others via vblogging, those words are: Sharing – people like to share something with others, rather its and idea, or a suggestion or just want to communicate with others. Emotion – people are emotional of course because we are human beings but we like to express those emotions and share it with others that maybe emotional about the same thing.  In Michael’s videos there was a message or dialog box addressed by Lev Grossman that people like having the “Freedom to express Humanity”  “Connect without Constraints” and a way to “Connect Differently”.  Being your “own producer” was also a phrased used throughout the videos as well.  People are able to publish their own short stories, and videos for “FREE”.


4-What I found difficult and challenging to understand and that was where the security is of what’s being posted and uploaded on these VBlogs?  Who are the people, are they genuine are they who they say they are? Are their stories real? Michael used the term “Identity” or the lack there of.  Who’s monitoring what’s being viewed?  With so many people becoming more and more advanced in the technology world and experimenting on “free” advertising where the control is and who is in control?


Are there any types of security, or control mechanism in place to monitor what’s being posted?

We have blogging, and vblogging what’s next in the world of technology?

Will people go back to the basics of pen/pencil and paper? J


6-I can definitely see this topic coming up in upcoming presentations.  Video blogging is a way of expressing your thoughts, emotions, sharing and connecting with others another unique why to communicate.


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