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Brad Czerniak – On Transliteracy

Brad gave an overview of his opinion and common interest and definition of what he expressed his thought of the definition of Transliteracy. As the argument involved him Sue Thomas and her research group Brad formed his own opinion and blogged about it. Throughout the article Brad is expressing his take on the word Transliteracy and providing readers with an explanation of his theory and thinking.
2-3 three key ides in the reading that related to media, convergence, and leadership. Brad displayed leadership by taking the intuitive to explain and express his feelings and thoughts about something he felt strongly about. He related his thought into theories as he broke down definitions and terms and explaining them to the public. Brad exclaimed transliteration as translitercy is defined by stating “the prefix trans – added to the word literacy has a strong denotation–literacy – the ability to read and write, in a given language. He points out that language is a system of signs (icons, symbols) for encoding and decoding information, which very well can be related to media. He pointed out that the interface language can also be sing, symbols, analogies, literal, and physical attributes as they convey information.
I found it difficult and challenging to grasp the understanding and ask myself a question why the definition couldn’t and Brad’s understanding be on common ground as to what Sue felt. In her response back to Brad was debatable but it just appeared that she wanted to be right. However she did make common sense when discussing what Brad explained about visual language. We all have our opinion about how we see, explain and feel about things I guess this is why people blog to find out what others think.
Are there any real solid definitions for the terms?
Has other responded to his post other than what’s showing on the current article?
I can see how this article and its topics can be explored a little more. I personally would like to read what others thought about his blog. Also I would like to see if he had other articles and see what there topics are.

Google – Velocity, Execution and Focus

The overview of this article was so many things to me as a reader.  The CEO, Larry Page, is giving his users, readers, innovators, and heads up if you will to the remarkable things he and his company is doing.  Sharing and making users aware of what’s next in creations and what they are working on for the near future keeping users in mind. In this vast world of technology people are looking for the velocity of having things right at their finger tips, and CEO, Larry Page wants his users to standby they have more technology coming to give user just what they are “searching” for.

2-3  There keys things stated in this article that I found profound is that the CEO took the leadership in reorganizing the management team to improve responsibility and accountability across Google.  Seeing things that needs to be improved, changed or reorganized to become better in a business that is this big change is inevitable because it’s servicing the basically the world of technology.  As for media and convergence, they have closed or combined over 30 products, including projects like Knol and Sidewiki and giving Google Search as visual refresh, that’s now cleaner, more consistent, and a beautiful look.  Companies tend to survive when they change, look for new creations and inventions. They have gone mobile by using the Android of technology. 

A company like GOOGLE you have to be innovative and the best part about this is that they listen to their users. As GOOGLE continue to make unique and unexpected changes they introduce GOOGLE+.  This is a new step into the technology sharing world.  So when you sign up for this application if you will, you can use what’s called Circles to group people into different categories, such as people who have the same interest as you and you can share things like movies, videos, but just within your circles that you create.  So image your own personal website search that only gives you what you’re looking for and now what others think you want. 

What I found difficult to understand is this reading is HOW does this company keep up with the technology?  Just reading all the amazing features, tools, and searching features, my head started to go in circles.  For those who appreciate technology and live on the edge of what I would call a “microwave life” wanting things done faster than a “slow cooker” would definitely enjoy and love what GOOGLE is doing.

My questions are:

How the heck do they keep up with the forever changing world of technology?

How often do they make changes and updates to their software and their technology?

I can truly see this topic as something to explore but where does one start with even trying to figure this out.

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