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Jessica Westermeier- Blog 6

In the first article Czerniak discusses the various definitions, and mis-defintions of language and transliteracy.  He goes on to discuss the various components of language including visual, interface language, and platform and tools.  Czerniak quotes Wikipedia’s definition of languages, and … Continue reading

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Westermeier- blog 5

Clay Shirky talks about the PIPA and SOPA legislation, and why they are a bad idea. He goes on to explain that past legislation that had failed, and explained that the reason it failed is because our technologies are capable … Continue reading

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Wesch Anthropology Introduction to Youtube- Westermeier Blog 4

Digital Ethnography- Study the Culture of Youtube Michael Welsh is an anthropologist that is attempting to explain how his viral video “The Machine is Us/ing Us” took over the internet “mediascape” from one post on Youtube through “User generated Content.” … Continue reading

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Jessica Westermeier- Blog #3

  How Blogs and Social Media are Changing Public Relations and Way it is practiced 1. Wright and Hinson third annual research study and following article attempts to explore the changing world of public relations as a response to changing … Continue reading

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Jessica Westermeier Assignment 1- Edited

The Story of Skype I hope this link works, this is the edited version of assignment 1 using Slideshare instead of Picasa. Enjoy

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Westermeier: Gimp and Inkscape Assignment

I had limited my use of Gimp for previous assignments, staying primarily with Inkscape, so I discovered how much easier Gimp is, and I enjoyed the user friendly interface. While the lady in the demonstration was difficult to understand, I … Continue reading

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Jessica Westermeier- Assignment 1 idea

Hello, I would like to investigate the use of Skype as a means to conduct effective virtual meetings. See everyone next week!

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