Reading Week#1

1. Provide a quick overview or summary of the readings (3 – 5 sentences). (10 pts)
In the reading my understanding of Postman’s theory of “media ecology” is it humanistic or natural for the world of technology and media to exist in such a limitless way. Valid points were made and he referenced back to how things were in the 19th century and how technology has evolved into the 20th century. His thought he displayed in the reading in reference to media ecology. Is there good and evil or right in wrong in the technology world.
2. Clearly identify 3 key ideas in the readings related to media, convergence, leadership, etc. (8pts)
Stated on page 12 Postman made reference to several ideas and thoughts to the media, convergence and leadership: for instance he stated that “thinking about media from a humanistic point of view, one must take into account the obvious fact that people will have different ideas about what is good for them and bad for them. He also pointed out that human beings live in two different kinds of environments. Another point he stated “in assessing the humanistic consequences of new medium, one must take into account that factor of time”. Basically remembering things were not like they are now back in the 18th and 19th centuries. He also pointed out that people differ about what is good and what isn’t. Changes over time will make us see things differently form the way they might have first appeared. Meaning technology and how we communicate today has come a very, very, very long way.

AVIDAC, Argonne’s first digital computer, began operation in January 1953. It was built by the Physics Division for $250,000. Pictured is pioneer Argonne computer scientist Jean F. Hall.

3. Support your summary and/or key points with three specific cited references to the readings. (8pts)
In support of my summary and key points stated on page 13 – not all people agree on what is an advantage or a disadvantage, and that time might alter our judgment of the effects of a medium.
4. Identify the most difficult or challenging concept for you from this week’s readings. Saying “I don’t know” or “nothing was difficult” is not an adequate response. (8pts) What was challenging for me this week was trying to understand another co-workers communication of instructions. Starting in a new department and different work ethics it’s been difficult for me to understand their work cultures. There are no formal work procedures, no understandable verbal communication which I find to be a challenge. When working with no written procedures or an outline of process it’s difficult to excel in leadership you almost have to create your own process and hope that the work is done correctly.
5. Provide 2 or 3 discussion questions for us to talk about in class (6pts)
I would like to understand a little more of Postman’s theory one “media ecology” he seem to be contradicting himself on some of this thoughts?
I would like to know if he has more articles that explain a little more about him and his angle on other media communications.
6. Discuss how this week’s readings might relate to your upcoming presentation, paper or to organizational realities. Here too, saying “I don’t know” or “it does not apply” is not an adequate response. (10 pts)
This article related to some thoughts of what I would like to write about. Basically, understanding and doing a comparison of what type of older technology was being used in the 18th and 19th century and how much of it was used compared to the types of technology we have now and how much of it is being used. Also how consumers have pushed so much of it out into society.


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