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Part time student, full time worker, and a mother of one. Looking forward to graduating in 2013 and gracefully move toward my next career move in life. I enjoy living life, not existing in it! Change is inevitable; it is life, embrace it, or be left behind!

Week2 Frankenstein Myth-Sonya

Summary: Rushing and Frentz displayed their views of the “Frankenstein Myth” of humans vs. machines in the movie arena.  The discussion was broken down into two distinctive categories: Utopian defined (page 62) as fiction which employs positive images of the robot as … Continue reading

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Reading Week#1

1. Provide a quick overview or summary of the readings (3 – 5 sentences). (10 pts) In the reading my understanding of Postman’s theory of “media ecology” is it humanistic or natural for the world of technology and media to … Continue reading

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