Final Project Assignment

Hey, all.

So again, the request here is simpler than the product.

We are proposing a 1 and a half-minute video clip. Do not make it 1 minute/less long or two minutes/more long. Your video should follow the storytelling and branding rules we’ve discussed.

Make lighting, audio, and image the highest quality. Remove popping, dark images, or stretched images. No clip art style images. Try to make all work your own. You should have proper credits included, if you use any unoriginal imagery.

The point of the video: that the viewer walks away knowing your person, place, thing, or idea, e.g. your subject, in detail. Your video should answer the question “can you please explain what you mean by (subject)?” Consider how our video examples did this.

Dear Sophie clearly explains the ways in which one uses Google products to enhance a father’s relationship with his young daughter. It uses quick changing screencasts to do this.

It gets better clearly explains the idea that as time goes on, we seek out and find those who accept us for who we are because of what we do, and not forever doomed because of prejudices. It uses quick changing interviews to do this. If you were to condense this into a 1:30 minute clip, what might you do?

Sh*t (stereotypes) say (above) shows various examples of what makes a stereotype.  It uses quick changing skits to do this.

We want to see a rough draft this coming week. You can call me if you need anything at all.

If you’re still having trouble with your person, place, thing, or idea, consider exemplifying a leadership theory principle, why you love your favorite person (show, don’t tell), or what makes your favorite space in the world your favorite. I’m not saying to do this, but a Sh*t Digital Media Communication Profs Say would not get a bad grade, probably.

John LeMasney


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John is a father, designer, artist, manager, consultant, technologist, open web advocate, and open source evangelist living in NJ
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