Pasqua: Transliteracy

This weeks readings focused on the future of technology and how the different mediums are constantly merging. Transliteracy is the notion to communicate across different platforms, tools and media providing the user the opportunity encode and decode what they are trying to communicate. As technology continues to merge to create new tools and products, it will be integrated and impact our lives differently. The second reading explored the technology tools that are emerging. Specifically, the use of emerging technology within higher education.  These tools and technology will impact how educators conduct their course and engage with students. Some of the technology that was discussed included cloud computing, mobile apps, social reading, and learning analytics. The last reading was a letter from the CEO of Google. In his letter, he discussed the future of Googles products and their impacts on the lives of their uses.

With the changing landscape of technology and the changing nature of work, it is crucial for leaders to understand current trends and critically analyze what new technological tools will best help them manage their workforce and accomplish the goals and mission of their organization. The Horizon Report highlighted emerging technologies and the possible impacts on higher education. This article was especially interesting for my current line of work within higher education. This article provided new insight of technologies to research and begin to develop ways to incorporate them. It is important to review reports of this nature to discover what may be on its way.

Here is a video urging libraries on universities to consider transliteracy as they develop programs:

The area that I struggled the most was with the first article and the concept of transliteracy. While I feel that I understand the basic concept, I had a hard time deciphering what the author was trying to communicate. On some level, I felt that he was arguing that it wasn’t appropriate work for the concept.

1)   If you could develop a new technology/tool what would it be?

2)   What is a current technology/tool that has change the way you work?

These articles impact my future assignment by highlighting the possibilities of technology and what is to come. I am not sure what the next assignment will be, but it may be fun to explore an emerging technology and its usefulness within my work.

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