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1. In the first reading Brad Czerniak begins by recanting his previous statements regarding transliteracy. He apologizes for referring to it as a “…made up term for the same old stuff.”  He states that he had this opinion because his definition of literacy was not accurate.  He goes on to try and prove his point by explaining several terms as they relate to the topic: Transliteration, Language, Visual Language,  Interface Language, and  Platforms and Tools. The main point I believe he was trying to get across was that as a result of his research on the subject, transliteracy is an existing term which comes from the verb “to transliterate” and it does have meaning.

The Horizon article explained the different areas of social media and how they are becoming useful for teaching, learning and creative inquiry.  I found this article to be particularly interesting since it touched on some of the issues and topics we’ve discussed in class this semester.  It was interesting to see the timeline set up in the project.

The final article by Google CEO Larry Page, he explains what the company’s visions have been and how the focus has always been on making life easier for the user.  He goes on to explain how the goal of the company has always been to make them a company people would love.  He explains that the long term goals of Google evolved from making the search engine assessable on desktops to mobile devices to tablets and now today Android devises.

2/3. The most important aspect of Brad Czerniak’s article for me was that he was willing to go back and do further research on the topic of transliteracy to find out what it was really all about.  I think this was huge of him because sometime bloggers take their own views and try to make them everyone’s reality.  When in fact the first statements he made were simply his opinion on what he saw transliteracy to be. ” The application of the term literacy across media, as such, was hasty since I myself had not defined literacy as pertinent to my argument. I apologize for this basic error.”

I thought the Horizon article made some very interesting points about how digital media has become relevant in teaching, learning and creative inquiry.  The section on cloud based services in particular were interesting to me because of our use of them in this class.  They have significant relevance to our ability to create our project assignments and weekly blog posts.  “Cloud-based services include a wide range of increasingly powerful tools for almost any platform a user might choose, or any task a user might need to do”(Horizon, p. 3). There are many applications available to us in order to create and present our work to the class.

The other thing I found fascinating about the Horizon article was the section about mobile phones.  Perhaps it’s because of my resent “upgrade” from my old cell phone to a smartphone.  I thought this section was particularly relevant to me.  As the article states “mobile phones — distinct from new sorts of larger format mobile devices such as tablets — have as a category proven more interesting and more capable with each passing year. According to a report from mobile manufacturer Ericsson, by 2015 80% of people accessing the Internet worldwide will be doing so from a mobile device. At the 2011 Mobile World Congress, Google CEO Eric Schmidt noted that for every baby born that year, 30 Android phones would be activated. Mobiles are becoming better understood in the academic world; there has been a significant amount of time spent finding creative ways to incorporate them both in the physical space and as a tool to help students learn from a distance” (Horizon, p. 3)  I find this truly fascinating because I am able to connect to the internet and do everything from typing a letter, to getting driving directions right from my phone.  It means I only need the phone and not 10 other devices.  My load is lighter and I still have access to everything.  Using it as a phone sometimes is secondary to everything else I need it for…

All of that said about the relevance of the mobile device brings me to the Google article.  I found what Page said about making people’s lives better to be interesting because certain aspects of my live have been made easy by using a smartphone. And when I think about the statistics in this article I am amazed. Page states in his article, “Android is on fire, and the pace of mobile innovation has never been greater. Over 850,000 devices are activated daily through a network of 55 manufacturers and more than 300 carriers. Android is a tremendous example of the power of partnership, and it just gets better with each version.”(2012)

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Google believes in creating products that will make people’s lives better and touch them in a way that nothing else can.  We have seen it in many of the products they have produced, Gmail, Googledocs, etc.  These all give the user the ability to have access from anywhere.  Their latest product, Project Glass is sure to be one that will give the user access to everything from anywhere and maybe even change the world. “I believe that by producing innovative technology products that touch people deeply, we will enable you to do truly amazing things that change the world.”(Page, 2012)

4. I found the article about Transliteracy to be the most confusing.  However, I was able to better understand the concept of the topic after reading through the definitions of the terms.

5.My questions are:

1. I would like to discuss topic of Transliteracy in more detail in class if possible so that I can fully understand it.

2. Does the use of devises such as Project Glass bring us closer to being more dependent on digital media in our daily lives?

6.  Although I don’t know what our next project topic will be, I am certain that I will use Google in some way to create it.  I will also use my smartphone and other forms of digital media discussed this week to create the final project.  They are very relevant to me in this class in my everyday life.



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  1. You might be interested in some of the definitions of transliteracy I’ve pulled together in this slidedeck at

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  2. Tracy, I enjoy the media images that you brought into your post. As I discussed in Cara’s post, I like reading the different posts from the class as I think it is great to see the perspective everyone has on the readings or videos. I see these reading one way and get a certain idea from them and then by reading the posts I understand a new perspective.

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