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Brad Czerniak defines transliteracy as, “the ability to encode and decode information between or across languages.” His blog article discusses the many definitions he and others have thrown around . The Horizon Project examined digital media that could be utilized for academia and the many possibilities, such as cloud computing and specific applications. Google CEO Larry Page spoke on the wonders of the search engine and its ability to link people to information they seek instantly, saying, ” People shouldn’t have to navigate Google to get stuff done. It should just happen.”

The ability to integrate technology into an academic setting is something that has really prevailed in the past ten years. More and more individuals are obtaining degrees from online colleges such as the University of Phoenix and Rider even offers an array of online courses. The Horizon project goes into the possibilities technology has to improve our education system tremendously.

The part of Google CEO Larry Page’s letter that stuck the most to me was his quote,”We’ve let a thousand flowers bloom; now we want to put together a coherent bouquet.” Google’s innovation has allowed users to access information and connect with others in ways that are almost unthinkable. They have provided us with the tools and we now have the ability to do what we wish with this power.

Understanding how to integrate technology into any profession, whether it is education or finance or marketing is extremely important for many reasons and can be a giant asset for myself. As we have already learned in our course, having a firm understanding of digital technology is a tremendous weapon for any leader to have in their arsenal. Me personally, knowing how to utilize the technologies in a professional setting gives me a tremendous advantage and upper hand over others. It allows me to think more creatively and explore possibilities less versed professionals are able to.

I did have a difficult time understanding the first article, specifically what the authors final takeaways were. The fact that he provided multiple definitions and counterpoints left me puzzled.

1. How can Rider integrate technology more effectively into their curriculum.

2. Is google+ a social network which could rival Facebook and Twitter in size and growth?

3. What were your main takeaways from Czerniak’s article?

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  1. Corey, I really like the quote that you used from Larry page in your post. It is true of Google and I think of all companies that they do make such amazing products or provides services that can get lost with being sold or listed individually. Together, these products and services can become the next brilliant thing at the end.

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