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  1. In the first article Czerniak discusses the various definitions, and mis-defintions of language and transliteracy.  He goes on to discuss the various components of language including visual, interface language, and platform and tools.  Czerniak quotes Wikipedia’s definition of languages, and while that is valid in his blog, most of the educated audience wouldn’t find that an appropriate source. The NMC Horizon list Project short list detailed up-coming products, and their uses. In the letter from the Google creators to their investors they detail their vision for the company.

2/3. Czerniak key points definitely relates to media, as language is a important and necessary part for media to be effective. “Transliteracy is the ability to encode and decode information between or across languages”. The Key points that Google’s creators discussed in their letter was how to use their product to sync our lives to make it easier and more efficient. “As Sergey said in the memorable way only he can, “We’ve let a thousand flowers bloom; now we want to put together a coherent bouquet.” The transliteracy of all of Google various products is key to their future vision. “Things we used to think were magic, we now take for granted: the ability to get a map instantly, to find information quickly and easily, to choose any video from millions on YouTube rather than just a few TV channels. People are buying more devices and using them more because technology is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. I believe that by producing innovative technology products that touch people deeply, we will enable you to do truly amazing things that change the world.”


4. The most difficult portion of Czerniaks blog for me to comprehend was the idea that a user interface can be passive, or as Czerniak compares it to a painting on the wall. I think these interfaces require active interaction for the user to understand what they’re doing.

Google Cyborg

5. Does Czerniak use of Wikipedia as his main source undermine what he is conveying in his dissection of language?


Why is there so much confusion and lack of agreement of a definition of transliteracy?


Is Google’s vision of syncing of our lives sending us toward our earlier discussion about machines taking over the human race?


6. For future assignments I could use this syncing of my digital life, and engage in transliteracy to complete any assignment more efficiently and productively. I don’t know what the final project is, but I know that it will involve digital media, and I will definitely be using Google (as I do with many aspects of my life).



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