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1. This week the readings were about Transliteracy, the future of technology for High Education and the present stage where Google talks about the services it has to offer to its users.The article On Transliteracy, the author Brad Czerniak, discusses the misunderstandings of word meanings by different audiences and how different media can cause the different meanings. The second reading NMC Horizon Project Short List, discusses the current to future interaction students may have in their higher education classrooms. From Video Games to still having the face to face interaction with their professors and describes the positive and negatives on each. Each topic given also allows the reader to further research each topic with links to other articles about the specific topics. The last article is a letter from Google CEO Larry Page. Page discusses Google and the easy services it provides to its users and the excellence it strives for to make Google as user friendly and easy as possible.

2&3. In these readings there were a lot of key ideas of leadership and media as well as convergence. In the first article Czerniak gives us the definition of transliteracy as “Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks.” I think this is a very important topic for leaders or those who want to become leaders as it it is important for them to communicate clearly to their audiences while it is their customers employees or colleagues. They also must be able to use different types of medium to get across their message as people are receiving and searching for information in many ways while through the written word in a letter or by a text message they can receive. I just recently got my taxes done and they asked me if I wanted to receive a letter in the mail or a text message for when I got my return. I feel like 2 years ago or event a year ago this wasn’t event an option. The many different ways people can get their information is amazing and leaders should be knowledgeable of these ways in order to get their message out effectively and to the masses. An example of convergence comes from the second reading The NMC Horizon Project Short List. In there the first concept it talks about in higher education is “Cloud Computing”. In the description of the concept it says “Cloud computing has become the unifying factor among content and
applications on the many devices people use in everyday life. Whether connecting at home, work, school, on the road, or in social spaces, nearly everyone who uses computers relies on cloud
computing to access their information and applications.” To me as I have discussed before in class how technology has integrated and has taking over our everyday life. It is almost the only way of life is to go through a computer. Even if people do not use the computer their information whether its, government, medical or even some religious is in online or maintained by a computer software. Also in the Shortlist reading, I loved one of the concepts that can be transpired in a classroom or a virtual classroom. The idea of Gaming for the class where there is Game-Based Learning. I think it would be great to have “games that are goal-oriented; social game environments; non-digital games that are easy to construct and play; games developed expressly for education; and commercial games that
lend themselves to refining team and group skills,” for classroom learning and especially the idea of “Role-playing, collaborative problem solving, and other forms of simulated experiences are recognized for having broad applicability across a wide
range of disciplines.” Although role playing and this concepts are not new to the gaming world as I know there my brothers hobbies but would be great for the classroom.
The link above goes is an article Tranlietracy discusses a book called The Shallows by Nick Carr which talks about how the internet has changed how people think. Very interesting article and keeping with the theme of technology is an extension of ourselves.

4. Although I enjoyed reading all three article. I had a hard time understanding a few things. First not a concept that I was confused about but when Czerniak used Wikipedia as a reference. I though Wikipedia could not be used a great reference as people can edit the information at anytime.

5. Which type of learning are you most looking forward to or would enjoy the most? What else would you like Google to add to their site or services they offer? What do you think of the Googles “cirlces” and have you used them?

6. There were several instances while reading these article that I thought “i already do this” especially from the Short List reading. Staring with the cloud computing and how I use this as a way to save my work and make sure my work is available with any computer. Last week for our second assignment, I could not rely on email or a USB drive for my presentation. I put it on Facebook where I knew I would be able to access it to present to the class. I also was able to connect to the section where they talked about Application and mobile devices. As previously presented in my first assignment, my mobile devices and application are part of my everyday work.

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