Assignment 2 due this coming week.

All the points

All the points

Good hunting in searching for and implementing your materials for your project. You should have it ready for presenting next Thursday. Here’s a list of 10 things to remember:

1. Edit the video to around 3 minutes. Show it to people (not your mom, spouse, or pals — ask your critics) and ask them if it is too long, if it is too short, if it is compelling, if they want to do the thing that you are asking them to do, and if they see your point of view/your personal brand in it.

2. Make the next Kony video or Daisey story. Move people to act.

3. Show diversity in your materials. 3 minutes of a talking head is not what we are looking for. Consider Wesch‘s video and its diversity of content styles.

4. Use music to reinforce your ideas.

5. Choose a well-lit, quiet area to do your work, or make sure that you really intend to make your video dark and hard to hear.

6. Make something you will be proud of. Make something you’d want to put up on Facebook or YouTube.

7. Call me if you need to, but use other resources too — doing a Google search on “iMovie how do I replace audio” will likely get you an answer quickly, and will reinforce an important aspect of this class: digital skills research.

8. Even if you do not show up in the video, it should very clearly represent you.

9. Consider Monroe’s Motivated Sequence that Dr. D. introduced in building your argument — the framework fits perfectly for this project. Here is an interesting potential framework using Monroe’s sequence.

10. Shine.

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