Pasqua-SOPA and Search

1) This week’s material focused on the accessibility of material on the internet. In the first video Clay Shirky presented a TED talk on SOPA and PIPA. His talked discussed the history and future of the media industry’s control of user generated content. The media industry want to control user generated content in order to protect the content they produce. In order to do this, they have introduced legislation that would prevent users from using their context. However, these pieces of legislation would completely change how users utilize the internet and causes it to be policed that is impossible to do. In the second video, Daniel Russel discussed the changing landscape of the internet and how people search for items on the internet. As the internet landscape changes, search engines must also change as well as lead users to understand how to properly search. The last material reviewed was the recent retraction of an “This American Life” story on Foxconn. The fact checkers that worked with “This American Life,” uncovered that some of the stories in the original broadcast were falsified.

2) In Daniel Russel’s discussion on the changing landscape of search engines, he touched upon several aspects that the technology industry needs pay attention to in order to have a product that is user-friendly and produces the results that the consumers needs. I believe that many of these aspects are transferable to how a leader should interact with his or her followers. Russel stated that the task set before them is to see where the consumers are and then to aggressively reach out to them to educate them on how to properly use the tools. In this case, specially search engines. As leaders it is important to understand the group of individuals you are trying to lead to understand who they are and what position they serve. Once identified it is important to teach/lead them to understand how to manage or complete tasks in line with the mission at hand. Some of the other aspects that Russel stated were that it is important to stay up to date with the changes in the landscape of the internet and help patrons critically think about the material they are presented. These two aspects are important in my current line of work with my students. As new students come in, there are new needs to address, new world views to understand, new ways to communication, and the list could go on and on. It is important to understand each group of students and how to best interact with them. In other words stay up to date. The last aspect is something that I strive for in my work and try to push myself as well is to think critically about the world around us and what is presented to us. The use of the internet and user generated media has helped us begin to have these conversations. I think it is interesting how the areas that Russel is concerned with for search engines, I am concerned with for my students.

SOPA and PIPA were not the last pieces of legislation to be focused around online piracy. Here is an article exploring what’s to come:

4) I would like to explore SOPA and PIPA in more detail. I can’t comprehend how the government would be able to enforce the policies and what would happen if the legislation passed.

5) Have you already been affected by internet censorship?

How do you think that SOPA and PIPA would affect the way we work?

6) This material will help me be more strategic in the material that I use in my next assignment to make sure to properly cite them and research the origin of creation.

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