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  1. Clay Shirky talks about the PIPA and SOPA legislation, and why they are a bad idea. He goes on to explain that past legislation that had failed, and explained that the reason it failed is because our technologies are capable of copying and so that is how were going to use them. In the video on how to help people become a better “searcher,” the presenter talks about how people who are more knowledgeable on the use of search engines are more informed in general. He also points out that for the most part, we as users of Google think we are much better at searching then we actually are.


2/3. The Key idea that Shirky is portraying in his speech is that the media industry is trying to censure our creations, and our “sharing” online “The biggest producers online is not yahoo and Google, it’s us.” The second key idea I got from this video was that PIPA and SOPA can’t control everyone, as Shirky states, “We are in a world where most Americas over 12 share things online.” The video on how well DO people search on Google key ideas it that being proficient in searching online, leads to a more informed person, ”People who can search well, do better in school, buy a better refrigerator, and understand what’s going on in Afghanistan, have a deeper richer, better understanding of the world in general.”


4. The most difficult concept for the Shirky video for me to grasp is the idea that the government guided by the Media industry, thinks that they can pass legislation censuring their people and their use of the internet, what happened to the second amendment? In terms of the Google search video, the hardest concept for me to grasp is the thought that with the ever changing and evolving Google format, layout, and information flow, how anyone is expected to keep up.



5.  If the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 failed, and miserably, why would congress attempt to pass similar legislation in PIPA and SOPA?


If information is constantly evolving and expanding, or as the Google video called it Dense, how is using Google search engine correctly going to help the user keep up?



6. Our next project is the digital storytelling, I used several images from the Internet, and I am concerned that if legislation likes this passed, that I could potentially get in trouble for using the content without expressed permission from the creators.  Since I am constantly using Google for everything in the classroom, this video is teaching me that I could be much more efficient in my assignments, I could spend less time searching, and more time working.



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