Michael Wesch Blog #4

There were 3 videos that were assigned for this blog post and I found them all interesting/ The first video talked about Michael Wesch’s description of the digital world and based most of it around YouTube and how this medium has become a household name and the ways people communicate through it. He describes the ideas of how these videos go viral and that they pick up a lot of momentum from different people. On of the examples of this was through the video of “Charlie bit my finger”. This video although at first made by a father to share with relatives that lived far way and hundreds of people saw the video and reenacted the scene and made it well-known and seen by many people. The second video also by Michael Wesch did not use any verbal language but talked about the written word and how digital text can be used to create web pages that then eventually links all people through the internet together. This was the same concept that he talked about in his first video when talking about YouTube. The last video was the very viral video that became an overnight household word the “Kony 2012″ video. This video content was about Joeseph Kony and world criminal but the point of the video was to spread the word across the world about the cause of stopping Joeseph Kony and his actions in central Africa.

There were several idea that all three of these videos had of leadership and convergence. The video that stood put the most because its purpose was to do so was the Kony 2012 video. There were several ideas of leadership and convergence as they mention coming together as a community multiple times in the video. The Kony Video first showed leadership just by the video itself. The creator Jason Rusell had an idea, vision and mission for this video and what he believes in. He then in the process of learning about the crimes in central Africa was able to rally and obtain followers throughout his campaign to make people aware of his cause and now to make Joseph Kony famous. I find it amazing how in the beginning of the Kony Video Russell states” that there are more people on Facebook today” than there were people several years ago. It is amazing how far the world has come with technology and the amount of people who have access to it. This supports why he want to put the video he made on the internet because he knows it will spread rapidly around the world and at the end of the video encourages us to share the video on out Facebook pages as that is a way we can help his cause. Leadership is also exemplified in the video by the actions he has taken by going to the United States Government and teaching congress about his cause. Convergence means to come together and that is what Russell want to do with this video and with his action to have people come together and fight against the issues in central Africa. Several time in the video he mentions “community” such as towards the end when he states that people came together and “started something, a community” and that together they “got creative and loud” to spread the word.

The Kony Video has inspired me for getting my word out there and that the power of the internet can change a world which what seemed with the Kony video, overnight. It is just amazing. I use the internet just for information mostly, but I believe this is a tool that can really extend myself as explains in Wesch video as well. As a leader in the future I hope to one day, spread one of my positive ideas and inspire and motivate others in something I believe in. The Kony video also will reflect my upcoming assignment for which I believe I will talk about stop texting a driving.

How Kony 2012’s Big Event Fizzled Out

The link above will bring you to an article I recently found after I was wondering what actually happened on 4/20 and if there were a lot of Kony posters around that day. In the article How Kony 2012’s Big Event Fizzled Out” says that things that go viral on the internet eventual fade out withing a few weeks as people will concentrate on the next viral message that is out there. Very interesting!

One of my questions came to me during the first video by Michael Wesch. Although I have put myself on the internet on Facebook and Linkedin mostly to stay connected and market myself professionally. I wonder, why do you think people make such personal video blogs? The videos Wesch plays during his video are so personal. I understand that they want to put themselves out there but to what extent to people have private lives?

Found this http://news.yahoo.com/video/world-15749633/charlie-bit-my-finger-meet-real-life-boys-28775804.html#crsl=%252Fvideo%252Fworld-15749633%252Fcharlie-bit-my-finger-meet-real-life-boys-28775804.html" found this video, the Charlie but my finger kids 5 years later! The dad made a half a million dollars because of the video

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