Michael Wesch on Digital Ethnography; considering Kony 2012

Please watch the following video  to compose your post this week (and when/if you get the copyright warning, simply click-through to YouTube to watch the video):

Please also watch the video that Wesch refers to in the video above for a clearer sense of what made him famous:

Remember when we talked about brand, and I asked who your exemplars were? Wesch is easily among my top exemplars for my brand.

Now, watch the Kony 2012 video that we talked about briefly in class last week. Note that with over 76 million views that it is statistically the most watched video on the internet ever. As digital media communication focused leadership students, this video concerns you for many reasons, among them: Why is this video so successful in getting across its message, and leading viewers to take part? What could you do in your projects this semester to try to have the same success (leading people to act for a cause, organization, or effort) with your work? Why is the campaign focused on someone (Kony) who is basically powerless for the last 6 years and essentially minimized as a threat (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-state-press/kony-2012_b_1339081.html)?  In that same article, note the other critiques of the campaign, specifically the monetary and budgetary questions. Consider these questions and critiques in your blog posts about this video.


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