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1. This weeks reading was about a research project that focused on the changes in blogging and social media in 2007.  The survey conducted was focused on participants perception of the ethics of blogging in companies, and if employees should be held accountable for what they post on blogs.

2/3.  Three key ideas that the article focused on were the rise in blogs over a three year period (3), employee perception on blogs (15-17), and the potential for the creation of virtual communities between organizational members (4-5 & 10).  Blogging has the potential for employees to connect with each other like never before.  It also gives companies a direct medium to communicate with consumers.  The two-way symmetrical communication provided by social media and blogging, makes consumers an active participant in validating company’s brand image.  This is done when consumers post on boards and the company has to justify its actions.  Blogging has also forced companies to respond to consumers faster than ever before and has the ability to tarnish its reputation.

4. The most difficult concept that I have with this reading is: Why am I blogging?  I still don’t see the point of blogging when social media seems more efficient.  Also social media doesn’t have  100,000 new competitors daily, rather 100,000 new participants.

5.  Do you see a point to blogging after reading this article?

how would you compete with other bloggers

6. I’m not sure of what my paper topic is yet, but I am sure that social media will be involved, and with the potential damage that blogs can do to company’s brand image. I’ll think of something.



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