Blog #3 Social Media and Public Relations

1. This article was about how Public Relations is not just through main stream media such as radio or television anymore. There is, a lot of way that companies need to manage Public Relations now with Social Media medium such as Facebook as well as blogs that are all over the internet. The article also describes several surveys that mostly talk about how people fee about employees and social media with their companies. I though that the results were very surprising and it shows how quickly social media and technology changed what people think of social media as a medium with drastic changes from 2006 to 2007.

2 and 3. There were several references in this article about leadership and convergence, and think that social media has allowed many people to become leaders. Leaders have followers and that is kind of what social media enables people to do. Follow other people and listen to their ideas and what they have to say about certain the article is also implies this when it says “many bloggers are themselves becoming “influential’s or “opinion leaders” (pg. 7).
The entire article is about media but, as you know I still just amazed by technology and how it has progressed in a short amount of time. My amazement of the power of technology and social media is supported when they explain the growth of blogging. “It is believed there were 34 million blogs in existence at the end of 2005 (Pew
Internet and American Life Project, 2005). Weber (2007) claims there were 100 million blogs by 2007…. Weber (2007) says more than 100,000 new blogs are created every
day. He also says 1.3 million posts are added to existing blogs every day. (pg. 3).
Lastly, there was the idea of convergence with media and how it has helped dialogue between employee and employer. The article states “Others thought the presence of more two-way communication brings with it the potential to enhance authenticity, accountability and transparency. Another respondent wrote, “They provide organizations with a true opportunity for listening and for true dialogue.” (pg. 17).
4. This was a much easier article to read than the other 2 prior so it was not too hard to understand. It was also easier because I am somewhat knowledgeable of the subject already. The hardest thing for me to understand is the actual research and results where they state the Mean differences. I have a hard time understanding what this mean in this article and other research I have read in the past.
5.As a professional that has worked in the corporate world I was really interested in this article and how social media is now affecting companies. I am also really interested in the employee/company or employer relationships, therefore my questions are geared toward those ideas. My first questions is Do you think companies are treating their employees better because of the power that social media can give to its employees? My other question is, how do you feel about the digital communication and the lack of personal interaction it has? Do you think this type of interaction is a benefit or not? Lastly, do you think employees should be disciplined for what they post about the company they work for through blogging or other social media mediums?

Use Social Media for PR | Karen Leland on low cost ways to use social media for marketing/pr

6. The article talk about how fast technology now can transmit information and that tools such as Facebook and blogging are becoming more effective for communicating the news. I have 2 examples of how I first learned of something through social media rather than mainstream mediums. I first learned the news of the passing of Whitney Houston when out with my friends that Saturday night. It was posted all over Facebook. I didn’t even get the chance to see it on the news before I heard about it. This is an example of how I get most of my information through social media rather than new channels. Also, now for the campaign for President, I get my information through Facebook as well. It is better for me to understand what my friends opinions are than trying to figure out what the news is trying to tell me. I know this is probably not the best way to get my information but I feel this is how my generation are getting their information about important events that are happening in the world.

This picture is the "cover photo" on my friends facebook page. I though this was appropriate based on our conversation last night and also the article.

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  1. The first image I made on Inskape with images from and just showing if you want to get your ” voice heard” you now have to have your “words read”.

    The Link is to a video on YouTube a presentation from Karen Leland a consultant from California and her first topic was how she marketed an author of a book through blogs.

    The last link is to a blog that talks about traditional media and new media. I thought it was interesting at the bottom all the ways you can follow this specific blog.

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