Corey Diamond Blog #3

1. Wright and Hinson’s journal article speaks to the changing landscape of public relations, which was throttled into reform due to the emergence and popularity of blogs. The article speaks to the power and popularity of blogs and the ability a blog has to influence the mind of reader’s and the swift capabilities a blog has to travel and generate buzz. Companies have approached blogs in different ways with mixed feelings due to the freedom it gives it’s writers and viewers. Public relations professionals and agencies have adapted their messages and practices based on the recent emergence and growth of this buzz worthy media trend.

2.Points of the journal which resonated most with myself were those that spoke to the power blogs carry to generate buzz worthy material for companies. Scott (2008) spoke to how blogs have transformed the meaning of a press release and how they are now becoming more accessed and more important than before. Now that someone has the power to share what was once a document reserved for media, press releases are now being tracked and analytically measured through shares. Another point I enjoyed reading talked about the personal relationships that a blog generates. Whether it is employee to employee or more importantly employee or company to consumer or customer. Blogs are meant to give the consumer a means for two way communication with the brands they are interested in. They are able to more fully divulge themselves with these brands and truly interact with them.Another interesting point of this article was the difference between external and internal uses of blogs within an organization. I have never considered internal communication as a way companies use blogs and through the research that was conducted there is a percentage of companies who do practice this.

3. The ability to measure how many people are reading or sharing press releases and content generated on a blog is a huge advancement for public relations. Scott (2007 2008) states these measurements tell “whether or not the releases change or reinforce attitudes, opinions and behaviors- the essence of what supporters of outcome research reccomended.” Michael Conlin and Andrew Park (2004) stated that “many executives encourage employees to blog so they can create personal relationships with other employees and customers.”

4.This weeks reading was very interesting to me and I can honestly say I did not find any challenges or difficulties in its contexts or ideas. I would maybe question the overall efficiency public relations firms have with creating engagements via social media. I believe social media is best practiced by marketers and advertisers who are skilled in crafting engagements with customers.

5. How can a company use blogs to interact with customers? Do you personally promote your own brands through blogs? -Which corporate blogs do you subscribe to?

6.The ideas presented in this week’s reading have helped me understand more thoroughly why social media and blogs in particular are now an essential tool of public relations. As I have worked for a social media marketing firm, many people believe PR firms are incapable of creating proficient social media campaigns and it was interesting and insightful to read and understand the other side.

A social media company

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