Westermeier: Gimp and Inkscape Assignment

I had limited my use of Gimp for previous assignments, staying primarily with Inkscape, so I discovered how much easier Gimp is, and I enjoyed the user friendly interface. While the lady in the demonstration was difficult to understand, I managed to figure out the steps very easily. For Inkscape I enjoyed learning how to do the chrome feature, it is cool and something that I could definitely use in future assignments to add a little something special. I had so much trouble with the node tool, for some reason my computer made it difficult to do the dynamic offset feature, as the little node that appeared above the demonstrators “O” did not appear above mine. SO FRUSTRATING! Luckily after playing with the button for a while I managed to get it to work. Thank God it decided to work because I was getting ready to throw my computer out the window. I think I would really benefit from a in-depth review of Inkscape and Gimp where I have to follow along with the instructor while doing the work. The programs are cool I just don’t have the knowledge to do it right.


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