Inkscape and Gimp- Cara

This marks the first time using Inkscape that I wasn’t tempted to throw my computer through the window, so that is definite progress. I found GIMP really easy to follow and easy to use especially since I have never used anything with layers before.  Inkscape I followed along well, but I don’t know if I would be able to go back and do what I did without the tutorial just yet.  Both times I watched the videos straight through first and then went back and re-watched them as I followed along.  I agree with Andrew’s post that Inkscape seems to have more steps to accomplish things, whereas I felt GIMP was much more straightforward.  In the future, I would probably go to GIMP before Inkscape if possible.  I definitely feel that GIMP is a more user-friendly and logical program, for me at least. I say that now, but when I have to do something in GIMP without a tutorial I will probably be totally lost again. Like learning anything, it takes practice.

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