Christina’s Inkscape & GIMP

This took me some time today for sure, but I definitely have a better handle on Inkscape now.  I went through the whole process along with the tutorial the first time around and I don’t know where I went wrong (still can’t figure that out after doing the whole thing a second time), but I was just not able to get basically the last step to work out, bringing the outlined image of Chrome down over the gradient version of it.  After the second full attempt with the tutorial, I did get it and saving and exporting was pretty easy after that.  I did fickle around with a couple other options within Inkscape while doing this, so hopefully making something again in the future will go smoothly.  But, now I wish I had made it my name or something cooler!  Next time I guess.

Made it my name this time, go me!  I liked using GIMP; I only had to go through the tutorial once, so it seems easier to use than Inkscape.  I thought the tutorial was much easier to follow (and I liked the lady’s accent, especially how she said “bottom”).

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