Assignment: Narrated Slideshow

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Using Slideshare or Picasa, and Audacity. You must give an automated, video based presentation on the effective use of some combination of digital media, including but not limited to:

  • smartphones (e.g. iPhone Facebook app)
  • social media services (e,g, Facebook)
  • specific websites (e.g. Facebook pages)
  • a genre of sites (e.g. social media)
  • messaging methods (e.g Facebook messaging)

…in a specific context, such as, but not limited to:

…so that we can better understand the nature of digital media in that certain context.

Oh, and be amazing. Keep in mind that SlideShare, like SoundCloud, has a WordPress shortcode. Instructions are at

By the way, if SlideShare does not allow you to upload a WAV file, you can use the site at in order to do your conversion of WAV to MP3. BE CAREFUL TO AVOID CLICKING THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR AVS AUDIO CONVERTER — the web site itself has a place to upload your wav and download your mp3. You should not use AVS.

Here are two examples of great storytellers, and you should watch them to become inspired about your story. Ira Glass is particularly amazing in his storytelling, and does it most often in audio-only form. You have the added benefit of visuals.

Difficulty #1: You must cover something that is not obvious–you must go into some detail and provide a graduate-level analysis. Feel free to turn to (and cite) scholarly literature, technology studies, and best practices documents, for some help or ideas.

Difficulty #2: Each person has up to 5 minutes to give their presentation based on the skills we learned in the lecture on digital storytelling. If you can tell your story effectively in 2 minutes, then do so, but it should be an amazing 2 minutes.

Difficulty #3: Post on the blog about what you’re going to talk about (a sentence or two) so that there is no blatant repetition of similar projects.

Presentations will be due in class next week, and you should make an effort to make sure you have a backup in the event your first presentation method fails. 

Feel free to shoot John or David an email if you have any questions.

Keep your story in mind as you build: Here is a link to tonight’s presentation

Also, here is a great post on avoiding newbie mistakes for video creation

Finally, consider this story of how this father is using Google products in order to make an ongoing communique of his relationship with his daughter. This is a key example, an exemplar, of the kind of thing we are looking for.



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