Assignment 3: Seth Godin on standing out, Minority Report made real.

The first video below gives an introduction to a different style of presentation than you might be used to. Seth is entertaining, but also very skillful in his delivery. Pay special attention to the visual background imagery and the way that it deeply reinforces what’s being said verbally. Also, consider his storytelling ability, which is an important ability for you to gain as a digital media communicator. Please watch it twice (or more!), once for the verbal content, and again for the visual play.

You’ll be working in this way shortly, so consider this an exemplar of the style. Seth Godin is incredibly popular and you can easily find many other examples of his presentation style to support your understanding of the style.

The second video should spark a new understanding of the way we interact with computers, and should echo many of the ideas that we’ve discussed about technology as an extension of the self. This work came before the ubiquitousness of the Kinect, (it influenced the use of bodily motion as input on such a broad scale) and is still ahead of its time in predicting the way we will interact with heavy loads of data.

There is a post due from you next week, an example PNG from Inkscape and an example WAV from Audacity. Especially long or detailed examples are unnecessary, but the more significant work that you do, the better that you will be in our upcoming project. Regarding the videos, you need not do an analysis post, but be able to discuss the concepts.

Some of my favorite students said that they are having trouble exporting what they made in Inkscape to a PNG, that not all of it is showing up on the exported image. I suggested the following: When you have the dialog up for exporting, make sure you choose “page” or “drawing” to save all of what you are working on — by default, only “selected” is chosen, which is not likely all that you want to capture. Hope this helps!

– Professor LeMasney.


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