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Found this picture today online. What a coincidence!

Rushing and Frentz essay discusses how people are afraid of what technology can do as people think it can ultimate replace humans. It can also make humans like super humans. The authors first describe the “human machine” that Dr. Frankenstein made up from technology meaning that this being is not made naturally but by science.   Rushing and Frentz then uses the examples of three movies that show how technology in some way transforms “people” and makes them who they are, in a similar way to how author Mary Shelley Dr. Frankenstein made his machine. Rushing and Frentz also explains how although humans make machine, humans are afraid of the machines they make since they seem more powerful than man.

When talking to my brother about the article he mentioned this movie and thought it would fit the essay! The movie is Real Steel.

The first point Rushing and Frentz make is about convergence with humans and technology and making them these super humans. He give the example first of Dr. Frankenstein creating a man that is better and stronger than him and then understanding the consequences of doing so.  Their other example is in Rock IV and that Drago, the Russian fight was made up from “technology” in this situation in the form of chemicals  with having “Russian technology “re-creates” the human agent from the inside out, perfecting nascent physical potential through blood doping, steroid ingestion…”. The author explains that in the movie “Drago’s Publicist explains to the press: “it’s a matter of science, evolution…” (pg. 67).

Another point that the authors make in this essay is when it talks about the impact on technology as a culture. The essay refers to Carl Jung a psychiatrist, when talking about technology and another reason why people may fear it. He describes how individuals are “predisposed to see certain things and to ignore others” and explains that “This repressed part of the personality the shadow, for it is the dark mirror image cast by the stance of the conscious self”(pg. 63).  Carl Jung believes that people are afraid that they can be replaced by technology and that is why they do not accept it when he explains “If the shadow of a cultural epoch is always repressed negation of what the collectivity consciously affirms, then the unconscious compensation for progress is the fear of being systematically replaced by technology” (pg.63). He explains how society is brought to see this fear is through artists whether it could be in paintings or in this essay explains how society are brought these ideas to film.

I used to be really good at directions on my own, as soon as I purchased one of these, all of my directions went out the window. Is this technology an extension of me? I rely on it way too much!

I had a hard time understanding this essay as whole. I finally understand some points which I am not exactly comprehend it all but For the most part I got the concept of the essay. The hardest part for me though was to understand the agent and agency relationship of technology and what was considered the agent for some and then the agency. I also had a difficult time understanding which seems to be the easiest part but the concepts of the movies. I have never seen any of these films and although the authors did a good job explaining them in case the reader has not seen the film it was hard to understand idea from them with so many details.

Although I have only been in my current position for 2 years and have been working for a total of 5 years I can see how technology has replaced people in certain jobs as well as how technology can make people not necessary for jobs. For example, in my current organization there a job for the scheduler, the person who finds and put schedules people for meetings and events. She now inputs it through a software while only 10 years prior it was all done by hand with a pencil and a book. An although she still has a position I can see how the scheduler position could not be needed as people could find space and reserve the space themselves in the software and would not need the middle man position of the scheduler.


Jung explains how people are afraid of being replaced by technology because of what society can see by what is imagined by artist and filmmakers. What are other means that can create the same fear?

In class we have discussed how nature cannot be apart of technology as like our hands and things that in nature like the trees that can make wood to make a hammer which is technology, do you believe that any other science can be technology such as chemistry?

I saw this Article when I was looking for images. Though it was very fitting!

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