Reading #1 Brittany Perkins

Evolution of communication technology

1. “The Humanism of Media Ecology” reading is about how media is apart of the progression of human behavior and thought through the new mediums that are brought to society. The author describes how media has changed people through its evolution and that it could change how people act individually and as a community as well. Media and technology has changed and will continue to effect how people interact with each other as well as to have an impact on democracy.

2. and 3. How the reading can be related to convergence is when the author talks about what media ecology is. The author describes media ecology as “interaction between media and human beings” (Pg. 11)

Another example of convergence and of leadership is when it is mentioned in the reading i the idea that certain media has an effect on human thinking. Postman proposes the question of how do mediums contribute to uses and development of rational thought. He then describes how the medium of print documents such as book and newspapers have helped people develop thoughts and which has then emerged progress including the idea of “religious freedom, free speech, inductive science….” (pg. 13). To Postman “We owe these ideas to rationalism a way of thinking fostered by print.” (pg. 13).

Leadership is also mentioned in the text when it discusses how media was only supposed to be for people with high power. You could imply that when the author talks about the Holy Roman Church and how they were the only people that had the ability to know “Word of God”. Then when the  printing press was invented it given other people to read the “Word of God” by putting it on “every Christian’s kitchen table” (pg. 12). This then gave “power” or to other people  which the Holy Roman Church did not like therefore it broke up the church. This type of media gave other people power which the church did not like. It is also later discussed how media has given certain groups power. Postman asks  “How can we account for the fact that the three most influential ideologies of the 20th century were Nazism, Fascism, and Communism…”. These groups gain power through the media as their ideas were brought to the attention of many people. These people were then influenced by these ideas because they believe what the media tells them since media can be seen as something that is better than another person might think.

4. The most difficult concept in the reading this week for me is when it is discussed how media can be considered not a good thing.  To me, media is a good thing  because it does inform people of what is happening in the world and to help them make informed decision. I do understand that media can influence people how they should think, but I feel that since people do think differently it helps progress. If people did not challenge others than I do not believe that anything would be accomplished. Like in the reading if there was no media people would have the same opinion and be “happy” or content with their lives because they would not know anything different. It is media that help people conceptualize on how to make communication and the way of life better.

5. Questions for class discussion: 1. Do you think that media can ever stop progressing? Do you think there will be a time where one cannot invent anymore? 2. What do you think is the most influential type of media and do you agree with Postman when he describes that printed media should be cherished as media like television should be feared? 3. What type of media or technology do you wish would be improved?

6. How I think this article can relate to my organizational realities is by how people can communicate with each other in the office. One of my biggest pet peeves right now is when people ‘skype’ me even though they are in the office next to me. I think that media and technology has effected how people communicate with one another and will effect the way people will one day not be able to hold a conversation with someone on the phone or in person. Even the written print has done this in my office as if my staff does not have a questions for me based on the information I give them through written communication then I do not need to interact with them at all. Some days I do not speak to my staff at all which could cause problems with my leadership to them.

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